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Welcome to Blue Wave Imaging

We produce radio imaging, sweepers, jingles, adverts and more. We've made ordering imaging online, easier than ever before. 

Our Voices

Male Voice Overs

Young dynamic and punchy imaging voice over primarily. Tom also does a great Peter Dickson style too!
Whatever style you require, Steff can provide it. His voice is perfect for imaging, commercials and promos.
Our mature voice which is perfectly suited to commercials. Pete also does character voices and plenty of accents.
Our american voice over, especially brilliant with big trailers. For the authentic american voice over, Eric is perfect.

Female Voice Overs

Her voice can be described as being natuarally sexy, urban with husky overtones. Natalie has a great voice for imaging.
You've probably heard Ruth's voice before, she's featured on radio, television, cartoons, ivr systems and more!
Rich tones, great warmth and colour are just a few reasons why Michelle is one of the UK's best female voice overs.


Blue Wave Imaging